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Lauri Rosenthal (Carleton)

Lauri Rosenthal (Carleton)

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08/23/23 01:34 PM #6    

Debbie Jewell

I had read about this senseless tragic murder in the news, but did not make the connection until today.  In high school, one knew that Laurie was a powerful force.  We shared several classes together and her intellectual abilities were impressive.  Upon reading her bio in the news, her life accomplishments both within her family and her community were truly amazing.  She stood strong in strength of her convictions, selflessness, and dignity.  May her memory and legacy live on as a reminder to all of us.


08/23/23 09:40 PM #7    

John Brennan

My Experience was exactly the same as Debbie's;  I heard about the incident on the news and that was bad enough on it's own.  Then I read Harry's post here and had to google Lauri Carleton to cement the connection.  That just saddened me immensely.  When senseless trajedies like this happen to someone that you know, even if you knew them from 40+ years ago, it just makes the act all the more real, too close to home.   I'm so sorry to hear this...

08/24/23 09:26 AM #8    

Barbara Wullenwaber (Jones)

Shocking. Horrifying. Senseless. Disgusting. Intolerable. Still having trouble grasping this actually happened to Laurie and her family.

08/24/23 10:19 AM #9    

Jill Tipton

Lauri Rosenthal Carlton - This horrific news is so sad. To my classmates, thank you for putting into words what I cannot grasp to write. I did read that a 'vigil will be arranged later..'. If anyone learns of a donation link for Lauri's family, please post on this LCHS link. Such a powerful, beautiful woman to have her life senselessly ended so tragically. Love to my LCHS family. from Jill. in Divide, Colorado.

08/25/23 11:17 AM #10    

Toni Phillips (Parker)

Wow, like all of you I read about Lauri's death and was so upset by her senseless murder.  You have all said it best.  What an amazing woman, wife and mother.  Just a crazy world.  Love to her family!

08/25/23 12:52 PM #11    

Scott Gilmour

This is so tragic and heart wrenching.  Laurie was so smart and so fun when I knew her in high school.  She really stood out then and you just knew she would go on to have an interesting, creative and productive life.  It sounds like she did just that.   My heart goes out to her family and close friends as well as all of you who were touched by her sometime in your life.

Come on people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together And try to love one another right now

08/26/23 12:20 PM #12    

Shari Rogo (Carruthers)

How sad to end one's life in such a tragic event.  I remember Lauri wearing the coolest shoes and being a friend to everyone.  She lived an amazing life and should be remembered as an amazing individual.  She will be missed.

08/26/23 04:07 PM #13    

Richard Barton

I also did not make the connection when I first read the horific headline and story headline.  I remember Lauri, she always seemed upbeat and friendly, someone who would go forward in life and succeed.  Her loss is an absolute tragedy.


When will people this country stop the bigotry and hatefulness?  I always felt we would take two steps forward, then one back - but going forward nonetheless.  Sort of Star Trek hopefullness I guess . . .  But since 2016 we have taken too many giant steps backwards.  We all owe to our children and grandchildren to step forward, not backward.  Lauri, you are very much missed.

08/30/23 09:12 PM #14    

Linda Currie (Millis)

This is so shocking and sad.  I can't believe people can be so small minded that they would actually cross this line.  Lauri was such a caring and kind person and this has really saddened me to a point of tears.   Rest in Peace Lauri and I hope we soon come to our senses.  

08/31/23 12:05 AM #15    

Jill Tipton

Lauri Carleton Memorial Fund - For Lauri Rosenthal Carlton organized by her local, Lake Arrowhead community: Lauri Carleton Memorial Fund | Mountain Provisions Coop | LA LGBTQ+ (

This fund raiser is organized by Mountain Provisions Cooperative from

Lauri was a founding member of this co-op. Details on the website, above.

There is a Facebook page for Mountain Provisions Cooperative:



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