Dave Steres

Profile Updated: January 31, 2009
Dave Steres
Residing In: kingston, NY USA
Spouse/Partner: Dolores
Occupation: Family Physician
Children: 2, both in college

We live in a very scenic but economically depressed rural area of NY state about 2 hrs north of NYC, everybody knows everybody, we raised our kids here, there's lots of dense forrest, apple farms, outdoor sports, wife teaches at the local Jr college. When I'm not working I'm usually riding my bicycle or rock climbing. Right now it's skiing and ice climbing. We are having a seriously cold winter. Woodstock and Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson River(it's a mile wide!) are near by.
I did ER work most of my career but recently changed to a private medical practice.
Between jobs I did a 2500 mile mountain bike trip riding from Mexico to Canada along the continental divide (mostly on dirt roads) towing a trailer full of camping stuff.
I visited John Neal recently where he lives in Wisconsin, he has 2 beautiful young daughters 2 and 5 yrs old.
My right winger friend Bob McClellan still hasn't visited me but keeps sending me republican email crap.
My Dad and one of my brothers died a few yrs ago. Dad was in a nursing home in Santa Anita and Pete was in Boulder Co. My sister, Carol Drainudel lives in LaCrescenta, my oldest brother Rick lives in Pacific Grove.
I haven't been to any reunions yet mostly because of the distance but maybe it's time.

School Story:

"50 push-ups Steres" (Coach Logan after getting to gym 5 min late)