In Memory

Frank Klaas

Frank Klaas

December 10, 1955 - May 8, 2008

Passed away from cancer, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena

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05/07/09 01:24 AM #1    

Tom Hawkins

Frank,partner,I just got off the phone with Frances Verniere and learned of your passing last summer. We first met on the playgrounds of Palm Crest,then had a few "Bitchen Summers" at F.I.S.and got past our "Olympic Ring Ceremonies"on Palm Drive while at L.C.H.S.
What stands out most in my mind about you was your loyalty and friendship. You were always there for me no matter what the circumstance and for that I will always be grateful.You will be missed.

05/20/09 11:23 PM #2    

Kathy Klaas (Class Of 1977) (Thomas)

You don't know what your kind letter means to my Mom, Karen, Kim, me and Brian. It's been just about exactly a year when I found the website, saw it then passed it on to them. Your condolences are heartfelt and put a bit of a sparkle on that day for us. Thank you so much. This is what they said:
Kim:Thanks for passing that on Kathy, I have goose bumps from head to toe. Super neat!
Brian:Wow, that's cool! Looks like he found God too.. I think about Frank all the time. I giggle knowing he, Dad and Grandpa are together.. Those were two of his favorite guys... :)
Mom:This is terrific. He has had a good and interesting life. Good to know how much he cared for Frank.Wonder if his mom is still around.....?
Karen:That is so neat. Wow. I remember Tom. Nice, nice guy.

05/26/09 10:48 PM #3    

Lou Melillo

Frank, You were a great friend. We played a lot of golf and we were still crappy golfers, but had a lot of fun.Your family knows how sorry I am for your passing.
My prayers are with you always. My deepest heart felt sympathy and prayers for your wonderful mom, and your great sisters and brothers who will always be in your corner.You will be missed may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS !!

05/27/09 10:46 AM #4    

Kathy Klaas (Class Of 1977) (Thomas)

Lou - Thanks for sharing some of your memories of Frank with us. It helps to bring him back to us in a way and that feels so good. It means so very much to us. Glad you are doing well and hope your family is too! We had some great times growing up in La Canada. Lucky kids weren't we. Thanks for the prayers too. Kathy
This is from Frank's Mom:
This is so very much appreciated. It would make Frank so happy to hear from his friends who miss him, and appreciate his life , his fine mind, and the kind of fun person he was.
Lou was always a loyal friend to Frank. We are comforted by Lou's kind words and prayers.
This is from Karen:
Wow that is so nice of him. Lou is really a great guy.
From Brian:
That's cool! I remember Lou...

05/30/09 10:23 AM #5    

Greg McCrone

Rest in Peace Frank. You were a great guy. You will be missed. Greg McCrone

08/07/09 10:06 PM #6    

Jim Andrea

God, we are heart broken to see this posting!. Frank and I had A relationship since 6th grade. I will never forget you Frank. Love you forever, Jim Andrea

09/17/09 10:58 AM #7    

Sean Costello

Frank all I can remember were all the fun times we had during our senior High School days. The days of cutting class and hanging out at your brothers house. The good times that we had camping at Little Rock Dam. And of course all of those great meals that your mother would make us. Frank you have always have had a beautiful family and I can say that you are going to be greatly missed. I plan on attending the 35 year class reunion and it won't be the same with out you. To Frank's family I'm still living up in Yosemite National Park and would like you all to feel free to contact me at 209-372-4999 if you are interested. My love to all of the family and I miss you all.

12/18/09 01:10 PM #8    

Kathy Klaas (Class Of 1977) (Thomas)

It is wonderful to hear from these friends of Frank's, the peace and comfort it gives to me and the family
is beyond words. To know so many people cared so much for him ,and have taken the time to let us know
he is loved and missed so much. We're broken hearted, and with him gone a piece of us is missing forever,
always. Thank you for your loving words they are very much appreciated. It would make Frank smile that happy smile of his. Bless you all ......Franks mom Earline

02/27/10 05:57 PM #9    

Don J Swanson

When I saw the little red rose next to Franks name I was shocked. To find out that my best friend in FIS has passed away feels like the wind has been let out of my sail. Frank was a kind and loyal friend, and I will dearly miss him. I do have countless memories though of the two of us doing things. Here is a classic:
Mrs. Klaas, Frank and I were sitting together at the kitchen table. Mrs. Klaas preparing potato salad began to take hard-boiled eggs, one at a time, and crack the shell on each of our heads. This went back and fourth 3 or 4 times. Finally Mrs. Klaas cracked an egg (NOT hard-boiled!) on my head!! As the egg slowly dripped down my face, I looked at their slightly mischievous eyes.
Set up? - you decide. Classic - undeniably!

With tears in my eyes RIP buddy.

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