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Lou Melillo

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09/10/15 12:51 PM #11    

Chris Wagner

Refreshing to have someone who enjoyed life- wasn't wrapped up in what he wore or what he said.  Lost another good person who people enjoyed hanging with - could use a few people in the world like Lou!

09/11/15 11:43 AM #12    

Mark Anderson

I was saddened by Lou's passing.  I met Lou at FIS, we were nearby neighbors.  We hung at his house, listening to vinyl, playing basketball on a seven foot basket (appropriate for his size), and trying to be drug kingpins.  He came to me all excited one day asking if I had a certain amount of money because he knew this guy who he could buy some pot off of and then deal it to friends and make a bunch of money.  I became the money man in this well thought out eighth grade scheme.  After many inquiries as to the status of our investment he came to me with this sheepish look on his face telling me basically we were scammed.  Never a dull moment with Lou. He was a good tough running back in football and talked me into playing pop warner ball in Pasadena, introducing me to a whole other side of life to our betterment.  Lou was someone with a good, kind heart, lots of energy, full of great stories, accepting of people, and just a GOOD guy as we used to say.  RIP Lou, you are missed.

09/13/15 10:42 AM #13    

Clay Frazier


Lou has been a friend for many years.  One early memory of Lou was when we (Lou, Joey Hyatt, Greg McCrone and I) were walking up La Canada Blvd. from elementary school.  Lou decided, unbeknownst to the rest of us,that he wanted a ride so he stuck his thumb out and a some guy immediately stopped.  We were only about 250 yards from Lou's house which happened to be on La Canada Blvd. We all piled in - Lou in the front seat, Greg, Joey and myself in the back seat.  When Lou said to the guy, after about 3 seconds of driving, "it's right here " , the guy looked at Lou and then over his shoulder at us and said "hell you little bastards, I could've shit to here" . On that note, the back doors flew open and we jumped out, thinking the guy was going to kill us, Lou, on the other hand, took his time, and said to the guy "Thank you for the ride, Sir" .  That was pretty much  Lou's philosophy his entire life ( not one to run away from confrontations ).  Rest in peace old friend.

09/14/15 11:29 AM #14    

Harry Nickelson

Hi- to let everyone know... Julie, Lou's wife contacted and said there will be a get together in his memory on the 26th of September... I'll post the details when they are set.

09/14/15 12:04 PM #15    

Judy Smid (Darling)

It is hard to accept that Lou, with his big personality that touched everyone he knew, has left us.  I actually got to know him much better during the course of our high school reunions.  He was always there at our reunions with his stories and his big smile - and one of the last to go home!!  It won't be the same without him here,  but the many memories of him shine brightly.  It is touching to hear all the funny stories being told about Lou.  May his legacy live on!   

09/14/15 12:46 PM #16    

Jim Fleming

Wow! It is so hard to believe that a good guy like Lou is gone! I talked to him briefly at the 40th reunion and he told me that he had cancer. But I thought at the time that he would beat it.

At the 20th reunion, Lou drove up and parked right on the LCHS lawn and proceeded to give anyone who wanted lunch a sandwich. What a character-I thought of him as "King Louie" that day.

Looking back, remember the days at FIS? Louie was bold enough on Clash Day to wear a dress so he could win that contest-sooooo funny!

I shall miss you, King Louie-as I know all of us will. Rest in Peace, my friend!

09/15/15 02:35 PM #17    

Ann Peasley (Ognovic)

I did not know Lou very well growing up. To me he was the wild child kid who lived in the corner house that I had to pass every day on the way to and from school. Sometimes he would yell out and tease me when I passed...cannot even remember what he said though. The first time I really had a conversation with him was at the 40th reunion and I thought to myself " he is just a really nice guy and much more mellow than I remember ".  So many of his friends have been posting some great stories about him and I thank you for sharing these memories of him and letting me know him a little bit. These stories make me wish I had had a chance to know him more....King Louie a very unique one of a kind guy...will be missed by all who knew him.



09/25/15 11:44 AM #18    

Jill Tipton

Lou- Louis Melillo- How sad to hear of your passing. Like many others, I am shocked. Cancer does not discriminate. Last I saw Lou was at our 40th Reunion. Lou & I had a great time talking, laughing, remembering some old times. He was saying how the high-light of his life was playing football for LCHS. I think it is wonderful that those high school years were so happy for him. Since I moved from L.C. in '74, I was touched to see how much joy those friendships in high school brought to Lou. I recall Lou played Football, and maybe Baseball too, with my older brother, Gregg. Lou could be a hot-headed Italian, and that was kind of funny. I have memories of the Palm Crest gang, Scott- Great story ..And FIS, hanging out at the auditorium before class. Just being a group of high-hormone driven kids. Dances at the Youth House; black lights, rock 'n'roll bands (who were those muscians, anyway?) and mini skirts. Pretty sure Lou was there.  And a kiss, from Lou, in 7th grade. or was it 6th? I was too shy to go any further. Ha! What struck me at the 40th Reunion was how GLAD Lou was to see Everyone! And how much love and real down-to-earth gratitude Lou felt to see so many of his LCHS classmates. Truly, a man who loved all. Lou & I emailed a bit after that time. I couldn't make it to the 41st, as I was placing a Memorial bench for Gregg, in Salmon, ID (where he was a river guide). I wrote Lou. He said he lost 40 lbs "eating vegetables". I think he had cancer then, and did not say so to me. How touching. I get it....He must have been very strong to have lived with cancer. No doubt, Lou was doing all he could to kick cancers ass. He lived large, had a infectious laugh, and will certainly be missed by family & friends who loved him well. I wish you a smooth journey, Lou, on to your Spirit World. Until we meet again, our love is with you. Jill tip

09/25/15 07:32 PM #19    

Harry Nickelson

Hi All-

Karen may have posted this on the site somewhere...

Lou's life celebration will be on Sat., Sept. 26.  It will be in the Lodge Lounge at the Rose Bowl from 2 - 5.

Parking is free by Gate F.  Lou's family wants this to be casual in Lou's honor.  Hawaiian shirts for the men, or just relaxed and casual, the way Lou liked it.


Hope to see you there.


09/14/17 10:39 PM #20    

Tom Hawkins

Lou: I was blindsided when I received the news of your passing.  We became good friends at F.I.S.  He was a very competitive hard working (he retired from the grocery business after 40 plus years of service) and had a humorous side second to none.  One event that stands out in my mind was in the Summer before 8th grade.  We spent the night at his Mom's place in Alhambra.  He told his Mom that we were going to the movies.  What we were really going to the movies for was to meet some young ladies.  As the lights went down there were 2 girls sitting toward the front, about 3 rows from the screen.  Lou said "Tom you go down there first and sit by them" I said "Lou you know the way so you go."  After a long negotiation we both made our way to the babes that were up front.  Well, as soon as we sat next to them the girls got up  and took off.  We both sat there as the whole theatre roared with laughter!  We delayed our departure and made our escape as soon as possible.  Lou I will miss you and I am deeply saddened by your passing.  May the comfort of the Lord surround your family during this most difficult time.

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